Frequently Asked Questions

1 Can I use Professionally on my personal and my business email?

Yes, you are welcome to use Professionally on as many email as you desire. Professionally does NOT restrict you to only one email address. Additionally, you have the capability to be logged into up to 5 devices simultaneously.

2 I am concern about my privacy. Do you sell my information?

No, we do not sell your information. Rest assured, we value your privacy highly. We neither sell your data nor store your emails. After processing, messages are immediately deleted. You can read more about our privacy policy in here: Our Privacy Policy

3 How can start the trial?

Simply install the addon on either your Outlook or your browser and initiate your trial directly from the addon. No Credit card is required.

4 I have bought a subscription but I do not have an account. How can I manage my subscription?

To access your subscription and order, create an account using the same email you used to purchase your license.

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