Elevating Efficiency: AI Empowers Email Writing with Professionally

Thanks to the advancements in AI writing, time once spent on email replies has transformed into moments at the coffee shop, savoring the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Technology has liberated our schedules, allowing us to indulge in the simple pleasures of life. A dedicated user of Professionally shared that she can't imagine a day without the app managing her emails. She has no desire to return to the inconveniences of the past.



  • Time Robbery: How Emails Burden Our Work and Steel Our Time
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How Emails Burden Our Work and Steel Our Time

Have you ever calculated how much time you spend on emails every day? Have you ever felt that after dealing with emails, two or three hours have passed? Do you sometimes doubt your own efficiency at work? Well, the good news is, you're not the only one who thinks this way. But, the bad news is, this problem is much more serious than you might imagine...

Statista reveals shocking data that Americans (from 2016-2021) reached a peak of spending 256 minutes per day checking work emails.
Daily time spent checking emails according to online users in the United States from 2016 to 2021, by type


Daily time spent checking emails according to online users in the United States from 2016 to 2021, by type

After checking emails, the task isn't over – responding to emails means spending another one or two hours on them. Many people tormented by emails echo Daphna's exasperation:


people complian about too much time spent on email

Replying to and composing emails is how time slips through your fingers. Use this calculator to measure the time you spend on emails.

However, the harsh reality is, after meticulously proofreading every email, spending hours to ensure perfection, you realize time has slipped away. Yet, a mountain of work remains unfinished. As you contemplate tackling the rest tomorrow, there are more emails awaiting your response. 

Daphna is not the only one feeling overwhelmed by the extensive email writing and responding. For non-native English speakers, crafting emails in English adds an extra layer of complexity to the already time-consuming task of writing and replying to emails.

A survey (MP Malathong, 2015) was conducted on employees in Thailand working for an international company that requires English as their working language. The results show that the challenges faced by non-native English-speaking employees are more significant than expected, revealing deficiencies in business writing skills, challenges in email composition, and struggles with written communication in international corporate contexts.  

Similarly, a research (M Khruawan, 2021) conducted among students aspiring to enter international trade revealed comparable results. The primary challenges identified were selecting suitable technical vocabulary and struggling with proper grammar in business English emails. The study underscored that vocabulary and grammar posed the greatest difficulties for these students in their English email writing endeavors.

Professionally: AI-powered writing assistant

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies advance, the dream of utilizing AI for email writing has turned into reality, leading to the creation of Professionally. Designed as a digital writing tool, Professionally excels in revising and editing emails. It guarantees flawlessness and error-free content in every email sent. With a simple click, users can save substantial time.

Innovatively, Professionally introduces a groundbreaking feature: 7 distinct tone choices (formal, casual, empathetic, apologetic, confident, persuasive, humorous) tailored to individual contexts. Users can effortlessly choose the tone that fits their needs, and with a single click, the email is generated automatically.

For instance, if I need to request approval from my supervisor to join a project, I can use a "formal" tone. With just a brief sentence or a few keywords, Professionally understands my request instantly, generating the necessary content within a second.

Email example: "formal" tone

And, if I, in my role as the presenter in the group, mess up a report and want to apologize to other members, I can adopt an "apologetic" tone. Just a click on Professionally, and within a second, it provides you with a suitable apology that fits your needs.

email example: "apologetic" tone


Professionally, an AI-powered email writing expert, is essential for professionals aiming to boost efficiency. It facilitates effortless communication for non-native English speakers and foreign traders, making it ideal for seamless interaction. Whether you're new in the professional arena, working in an all-English environment, or a foreign trader crafting English email marketing content, Professionally caters to diverse English proficiency levels. By providing rewrite options and saving time in composing emails, it significantly enhances your work efficiency, ensuring fluent and effective communication.

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